Interior Design Rates

I have a love for art & design

I have been in the decorating & home staging business since 2004. 

It is one of my biggest passions. My husband is just a little bit jealous. 🤍

By the Hour

I charge a flat rate of $45 an hour for smaller or odd jobs.

By the Job

For larger jobs, I charge 20% of whatever your budget is, plus expenses if traveling is necessary to complete the job. I require a budget of at least $5000.

Advisory Services

I charge $200 for a consultation.

An advisory consultation is a 1-hour meeting where I come out to your home, snap photos of the area to be redecorated or upgraded, and discuss your goals for the creative direction of your space.

I then use these photos in a presentation where I make recommendations for things like upgrades, redecorating, room layout, what pieces to refurbish/replace, and I advise on what to get rid of or keep in the space.

I can make recommendations based on your home selling needs as well as for your own personal use. If your job is a total rehab, it may be necessary to do a consultation on a room-by-room basis. In this case, I charge a flat-rate fee for the entire home based on your individual needs.

If you are not familiar with the real estate market, or which upgrades make a home more valuable, I strongly suggest hiring a professional who knows the ins and outs of the market. As a former real estate agent, I can steer you in the right direction, even if you want to do all of the redecorating yourself. 

Get in Touch

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Home Staging

I charge a flat rate per room, depending on the amount of furnishings I have to purchase and deliver.

I only work with empty spaces that are ready to stage.


First and foremost, I don't do rental furniture. That type of staging ends up costing you more money in the long run. 

I've been in the decorating & furniture selling business for many years. As a former real estate agent, I know that selling a home is all about how you market the home.

Not all buyers have the foresight to see themselves living in a space that has never been updated.

If you don't want to invest the funds into upgrades, which is what most buyers are looking for, then it would be best to invest in having the home staged. This helps the buyer see how great your home can be.


Furnishings make a home welcoming and bring in a sense of comfort. They make you want to sit down, put your feet up, read a book, and relax. 

In other words, they make the potential buyer feel at home.

Empty space feels cold and abandoned.

A staged home feels warm and inviting.

Empty space may sell, eventually.

Staged homes sell 88% faster.

A furnished space whispers, "Welcome home, come join me."  

An empty space echoes, "No one loves me."

Staged homes bring in an average of 20% more profit than non-staged homes. In this case, home staging will end up costing you NOTHING, but will better yet bring you a PROFIT when all is said and done.


At the closing table, wouldn't you want to know that you got the highest return on the investment you had in your home?

Home staging is an investment

websites & marketing Rates

My love for style & color goes beyond home interiors.

I specialize in creative direction for any project.

My web design hourly rate is $25/hr., but I prefer to charge a flat rate.

Website design flat rates begin at $75 and go as high as $5,000-$7,000 for larger sites with more detailed information. The more copy, graphic design, photography, and creative work I have to invest in the project, the higher the fee. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the final result.

Mobile Design

I charge a flat rate per job, depending on how many pages, graphics, and custom work is required. My fees begin at $125 for a new website.

Delivery Bag



Business Cards




Light SEO, mobile site optimization, keyword efficiency, and spell-check are all included. Effective marketing strategies, site content analysis, and tailored topics are designed specifically to fit individual needs. You will have 30 days of unlimited changes once your design is complete.

Custom Art Rates

I want my products to represent your company with a high standard of style and design. My ability to incorporate my own artwork into a design scheme makes me a unique designer because I can give your space that special something. My rates begin at $25/hr for custom artwork done to home interiors. Canvas artwork starts at .50 per square inch.

Wall Art

I create custom artwork for all design styles. I paint on canvas, wood, paper, and many other materials. I work with most mediums.

Faux Finishes & Custom Interior Painting

I create custom wall art, faux finish designs using paint, & simple wall murals.

Client Satisfaction

I put all of my passion for art & design into my work. For this reason, I require a deposit and a contract. I guarantee client satisfaction in my contracts, and I also have easy invoicing through Quickbooks.


There is no reason to hesitate.

Let's begin with a free Zoom or over-the-phone consultation.

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Valerie Clay, Creative Agent


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