Kitchen Rehab

My husband bought this house to flip it. When I first met him, we immediately meshed well.

I loved remodeling houses. I was already in the home staging business, so flipping homes made sense for me. Flipping and staging my own homes is what I wanted to do.

I was eager to roll my sleeves up to help with this remodel. I ended up moving in with him sooner than we had planned, to help him get it finished.

You can’t sell a house that isn’t done, so, off to Vegas we went!

We tied the knot in a little chapel where Bon Jovi got married. I thought it was a pretty cool way to start our lives together. In our vows, we promised to be one another's best friend for the rest of our lives. So, far we have kept that promise!

I've always seen us as equally attractive, equally talented, and a good fit. He's just a little smarter than me, but I top him in the sarcasm department. Not sure that's a good thing though. 🤪

Several months later, I was still knee deep in fifty-year-old wallpaper and ceiling spackle. If you have never scraped textured ceilings, you have no idea what you’re missing out on! It’s like getting pie to the face.

We wanted the kitchen in this rehab to be the focal point of the home, since it was visible as soon as you stepped in the front door.

His budget for the entire home was only $25,000. It was my job to redesign it within that budget. The kitchen alone was going to be at least $5-7,000, even with the cheapest cabinets we could find.

Fortunately, I was used to working with small budgets, so this wasn’t a problem for me.

My husband and I are all about granite in the kitchen and baths, but I had to skimp on the bathrooms, in order to update the kitchen. Also, the value of this home didn’t justify the bath upgrades. We are both perfectionist, but we had to realize our budget didn't include perfection for this home. I do believe, however, that we did a good job with what we had.

We gutted everything to a blank slate, and this is what we were left with...

I helped with all of the hard work of putting it back together, and painted everything you see here. My husband is AWESOME at remodeling, even though that is not what he does for a living. It's just a hobby for him, but he does the best tile work I have ever seen. You know what they say about "practice makes perfect"...

About $4500 later, I was under budget and feeling pretty good with our kitchen’s outcome. I really wish I had taken better pictures for you to see, these just don’t do our hard work justice. Oh, and I forgot to get pics after the crown molding was installed. Oops!

Who would leave the back of the stove showing like this? WHAT were they thinking?..

That light fixture over the table was a design faux-pa, but hey, you cut cost when you are trying to prove to your husband you can go UNDER budget. I promise I wouldn't do that in your home, although I thought it was kind of cute...

Doing all of the work ourselves saved us a ton of money, and we made it out of the rehab with only a few skinned knees, and very little blood shed. Be sure you check back later, as I will be sharing more rooms of this Gardendale, Al. rehab…

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