I design websites and write content for web pages.

-SEO optimization

-Indexed on Google

Web design is becoming increasingly popular, but you'll want to be sure to hire someone who will patiently and effectively represent your brand. You can spend anywhere from $80/hr. on up for design services with other designers. At that rate, you can easily run your bill up into the thousands for hourly-paid design.


I charge by the job, which saves you money. We can work with per-page charges, and at your pace depending on your budget. 

If your website doesn't have to represent a corporation, with a ton of information, there is no sense in paying thousands of dollars for a great website. Please send a brief bio and reason for your interest in a website.

I will respond asap with an estimated quote for your project.

Site Moderation

Typical Fee For a Standard Website (One Page)-$50

Typical Fee For Additional Pages-$10 per page

This includes unlimited changes for 24 hours (one business day) per page after the design has been submitted to you for review. 

Hourly Rate $25/hr. for moderation and design changes once the project and review time has been completed.  Once the review period has passed, the following charges apply:

Minor changes to a website- $3 per change

Text, image, and layout updates- $5 per change 

All major changes and design updates will require a new quote.


Flyers, professional letterhead, business cards, etc.

In the business world, you want to make a great impression when advertising.

I can design impressive printables for less than you would pay most designers. I design just about any printed product, all of which are guaranteed to be accurate, proficiently edited (by my husband), and polished to perfection. 


Please be aware I am not a graphic designer. I am a creative writer & designer who works with images, layout, and the overall design of a project. 


I can write and design your E-book. It will be branded to your company, ministry, or name. I ghostwrite the piece using your ideas and then publish it for you. Your name or brand will appear on the cover of the book as the author. I only take credit for the design of the book on the interior pages. I reserve the right to use the book for advertising my design services. I always retain the rights to advertise my design services, even if my writing services remain under a ghostwriting contract. Please e-mail me for more information, to ask questions, or for a quote. I charge by the hour, by the chapter, or by the book (half now, half on completion). Thank you for the opportunity to help you get published!

creative writing & design

Fees must be paid 1/2 upfront when using PayPal.

By sending me an email you agree to communicate with me electronically. You also agree to receive marketing ads and informative material. I promise it isn't very often and is only for important things like letting you know when I publish a book or offer free services.

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