About Little 'Ole Me

I have a talent for writing, art, & design.

I use that talent to DESIGN spaces.

I work with aesthetics including color, layout, style, creative direction, and organization of space.

Sometimes that space is in a client’s home or business.

I am a hands-on interior decorator.


I specialize in ECLECTIC designs but I can accomplish any style.


Neo Classical


Modern Oriental



Art Nouveau







I am an artist.

I can paint almost anything. I may be hired to do a faux finish on the walls, a painting on canvas, or to add a design to kitchen or bathroom cabinets. I can even turn a piece of furniture into a work of art. I work with charcoal, acrylic, oil, watercolor, chalk paint, and most mediums. 

As an artist, I see any space as a blank canvas. I pick up whatever tool necessary to get the job done, and then fill the space with style and color.

Then, voilà! ​🤍

There is no limit to my imagination. I am only limited by your budget but don’t worry, I am not crazy expensive. I work within your budget to create a space that will fit your needs.


I ALSO provide CREATIVE design services

for websites, logos, business cards, and MARKETING material. 

Sometimes the space I design is online. I am not a graphic designer, but I do work with basic graphic design in my creations. To create a custom-designed effect, I can also place my own artwork on logos, business cards, and other marketing material.  

I create artistic and stylish PRODUCTS.


I can even turn your photo into a work of art.

Everything in life begins with an empty space.



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