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When it comes to logos, my advice is to keep it simple. Some of the most recognizable logos in the world have a simplistic design. When you think of Coca-Cola, for instance, you can picture the logo in your mind. The reason is, it’s simply a text logo. This is the original design from 1887…

Except for a few temporary or minor changes, the text in the Coca-Cola logo hasn’t changed much over time. You want a logo that is easy for a person’s mind to recall when the product is not directly in front of them. A logo that actually says the name of a company or brand, is the easiest to remember.

When you think of Kraft, you think of cheese and its logo…

Can you see how a simple text logo design can help the mind to recall the brand?

Top Color Choices for Logos:

Blue, Red, White, Black, Gray, Silver, and Yellow/Gold


Color plays an important role in how we view the world and our surroundings. It would take way too long to explain why it is so important in marketing or design, but aside from text, color is the most important part of advertising.

Color can get us excited, hungry, or even angry. It can even make us want to purchase things. For this reason, color plays a vital role in design & marketing.

Color is also associated with particular items or products. For example, when you think of tuxedos, you typically think of black and white. If I say the word, “maid,” you think of a black and white outfit because that is what has been associated with maids since the 19th century.


My goal is to help you understand how much thought goes into creating a logo, website, or marketing plan.

What's The Right Choice?...

If you would like to choose your own colors for your marketing products, my best advice would be to research color psychology, so that you may understand why color is so important. 

Below you will find some helpful hints on deciding which color choices are best for marketing. Keep in mind color is culturally influenced. Where you are advertising effects what colors you should use. All colors have a negative and positive connotation. The following hints are for colors used in the United States.

Helpful hints for color choices:

-95% of brands use no more than two colors in their logos because two colors are easier for the mind to remember.

- The safest colors are black, white, or silver. They typically do not evoke negative emotion when used together, however, they can create a cold or dark feeling if either one is overused.

-The very first colors the eye notices are red and yellow. Red and yellow together can make you think of orange (which is the color of caution), so I highly recommend not using them together. Red stimulates feelings of energy, danger, romance, and passion; so, it depends on how it is used, as to how it will be perceived.

For instance, a firetruck is red. Red symbolizes an emergency, in some cases. Red also means stop. You don’t want people to relate your product to something that sets them on edge. However, red is memorable. If used properly, it can actually help you to sell a product; which brings me back to my Coca-Cola example.

Coca-Cola uses red as a backdrop in their logo, but there is enough white text incorporated to tone it down. The red draws your attention to the lettering, which reveals the brand.


Yellow is associated with the sun and is usually a color of optimism. Yellow can evoke a feeling of happiness. Coca-Cola incorporated yellow into their logo design in 2003. A yellow stripe and an extra white stripe, along with bubbles was used for their “Real” campaign. It was all removed in 2007 when they went back to their simpler design. And, with good reason. Notice how “busy” the new design looked?...

No matter what changes Coca-Cola made to the design around their logo, the text has almost always remained basically the same. Once you establish your logo, you will want to keep it for the long haul because your logo is what your customers will relate to your product or services.

-Blue is a good color to incorporate into a logo because it is generally associated with positive emotions. In the United States, blue represents royalty, richness, imagination, inspiration, intelligence, sensitivity, trust, loyalty, expansiveness, the sky (skies the limit), the sea (depth), and confidence.

-Black, white, and gray are classy, sophisticated, and enduring colors. White is the symbol of purity, cleanness, innocence, and simplicity; all positive connotations.


Black, on the other hand, can be a symbol of death, darkness, and negativity. It is important to not overuse it unless a lot of white is incorporated into the design to brighten it up. If the product you are trying to represent is associated with black and white; such as tuxedos, for example, then by all means black and white are the way to go.

This very short list represents how much thought is given when coming up with a marketing and design plan. I hope it will help you to realize the importance of every detail when it comes to advertising your business.

My job is to give your designs as much thought as I would for my own company. I use all of my knowledge about color, the flow of text, and the artistic side of marketing to promote your business to the fullest extent. I also keep up with design trends so that I can make your brand stand out above the rest. Thank you for trusting me with your design and marketing needs!

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