A Familiar Friend

Please allow me to introduce you to my colleague, the written word. 

You see, it has been my friend for many years. We have a passionate relationship so great that it whispers to me in my dreams and wakes me up at night. It is the essence of my very being, and the expression of the depths of my soul. It helps me to understand life, so that I may respond with humble submission. It is the most unfathomable, yet comprehensible thing in existence.


It has earned my respect, as I realize it is insignificant enough to be manipulated in teaching a child the basics of the English language, yet, profound enough to educate an adult in Quantum Physics. 


Brilliant, is what it is. 

Reading it can heal me when my soul is sick, soothe insomnia when I need sleep, and make me laugh when I’m feeling down. Writing it can do the same for others. It can be used to reach out and touch the entire world. Leaving behind a book is the greatest legacy I can fathom for my children, and the greatest gift I can think to give others. Sometimes I am awakened with words pouring from my fingertips, demanding life to be given to them. 


How can you not love a thing that drives you so?

It wears me out, yet makes me live. It takes me far beyond what I ever thought possible, yet, leaves me exactly where I am in time and space. I can travel to worlds unknown, and, tell stories not my own. My characters speak to me as though they once lived, as though they can breathe through my very fingertips.


Words are my friend, and, my enemy. Words formed in just the right fashion can bring healing or hurt. Words are powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.

I have seen men awakened by it, driven as though motivated by some unknown force. My friend can open new worlds of possibilities. It can inspire, restore, and cause one to breathe air into lungs that were ready to collapse. 


There is nothing greater than a thing that gives life. Yet, it is the simplest form of expression there is.

For all of these reasons, I seek not to make you my student, but, rather my equal in a romance that is never-ending and unfailing.


I find that my trusted friend takes me down many roads. Some paths are winding, some narrow. Somehow, all of those paths lead me to a knowledge of, and love for, the written word. 

I suspect that even the grave cannot hinder our friendship, nor diminish its value. For the grave is yet, just another road. I invite you to join me in an escape from reality to a world much larger than the mind can comprehend, yet, so accessible your curiosity will drive you there. A world where my time is sacrificed for the chance to embrace a moment to share it, and, in my friend's arms, I fall away. 

A world where my characters live on, even when they die; and through their death, I am allowed to live, once again.

Copyright © 2019 by Valerie R. Clay


Inspired by my online journal -breakfreedaily.comThe Devil Within packs a PUNCH with loads of information on how to break free from bad habits and kick those little devilish addictions in the teeth!

This book reveals who your enemy is. It isn't just that red beast with horns and a pointy tail. It's the devil within that holds you back in life. 

Filled with information on how to break free from bad habits, this book helps you to overcome a negative mindset. 

From stories of how people have completely transformed their lives, to the revealing of a principle that will help you to maintain integrity; these few simple steps will set you on the road to success!


Real Estate Madness is a book that describes what it was like to be a real estate agent. I give advice for agents, buyers, and sellers.


I provide decorating tips for home staging purposes for those planning to put their home on the market. I also share some of my experiences as an agent and let you in on a few secrets of the trade.

I highly recommend reading this book before hiring an agent, signing a contract, or placing your home on the market!


Copyright, 2019, by Valerie R. Clay


"Well done, loved reading your book-The Devil Within! The book is authentic and will be useful to the world at large especially women, youth, and people struggling with addiction. You have poured your heart and soul, which the reader can sense. The book has some very deep and wise insights from beginning to end, which you have put down in a succinct fashion."


An excerpt from my thriller... 

Copyright, 2019, by Valerie R. Clay


“Needing desperately to catch our breath, we found a dark place to hide behind in a tiny electrical room in the nearby strip mall. I clenched my mother’s hand, waited for the signal to run. When my mother heard the sound of his old ’53 Chevy pulling toward us she whispered, “Shhh, there he is” as she grabbed me and leaned into the darkness.

I felt my body go numb, paralyzed with fear. The rumble of his old car ricocheted through the hallway of that old building sending chills down the back of my neck. He thundered, “You broke my arm,” as he blew the horn and shouted for her to come out of her hiding place.


I could feel the humid air around us swell with apprehension. The thrashing pang of horror ran up and down my spine, as he turned the motor off, and stepped out of the car. We both took a deep breath as she grabbed my forehead and pulled the back of my head toward her body, and then covering my mouth and nose with her bloody hand to muzzle the sound of my panting breath. The smell of her blood reminded me this was no time to be defiant.


As he walked over to the entrance just a few feet away from where we were, his steps resonated through the hall, as his steel-toed work boots chewed at the gravel in the parking lot. The dreadful grinding caused us both to lean back in anguish, hugging the wall as closely as possible squeezing our eyes closed in fear of being found...”


End of Excerpt

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