About Me

I am a freelance creative designer, writer, & artist. I can design just about anything online, in your home, or for printed publication.

Need your home redecorated?

Give me a budget & I will handle the rest.

I've been in the interior decorating & home staging business since 2004.


Need an E-book written & designed?

I've been a writer all of my adult life.

(That's a long time. :p)

Have another idea?

Send me a request.


Design for print, web, and home.

Printed publications such as:

I work with materials including: 

I work with media including: 

  • Chalk

  • Oil, watercolor & acrylic 

  • Homemade chalk-paint

  • Charcoal 

  • Crayon 

  • Graphite 

  • Ink 

  • Pastel

I also write the blog below to help you break free from things that hold you back in life! Check it out...

~Creative Services in Birmingham, Al.

Valerie Clay Designs

I see your home 


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